The Faces


Faces, stories and emotions

Pop Art Artist Ali Görmez - Faces
Pop Art Artist Ali Görmez - Faces

Whether in the elevator, on the street, at the office ore at events, Faces are everywhere. We meet them everywhere and begin to place them in different situations, to interpret and understand their mimics. In faces we find our understanding, our belonging, our insecurities and our own depths.

Pop art artist Ali Görmez loves faces. This is not about addressing and assigning beauty. Because the artist knows that faces can quickly disguise themselves in order to show themselves invulnerable, strong or competent. He also knows that what may succeed in the first moment fades away in the second.

For Ali Görmez, faces are stories and emotions. Emotions he wants to immerse himself in. In doing so, the artist searches a way to be able to look behind the façade, to read the history and the experience and to understand how to deal with it.

Wherever he is, he observes people faces very attentively. Ali Görmez does not believe that every human has only one face but is sure that every human facet there is a different face hidden.

The first faces were published by Ali Görmez in 2015. Over time multiple face-series developed, which seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

Art serie 50 faces by Ali Görmez Pop Art
Art serie 50 faces by Ali Görmez Pop Art
Kunst-Serie 6 Faces by Ali Görmez
Kunst-Serie "6 Gesichter / Faces" - Ali Görmez

While each individual image surpasses the previous in its expressiveness, faces in series show a previously unbelievable, unimagined diversity of human character.

Art serie 120 Faces by Ali Görmez

The Special Editions of the Faces are special editions of the artist Ali Görmez and are available in different series such as 30 / 50 / 70 / 100 / 120 / 150 pictures can be purchased.

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