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Pop Art Artist Ali Görmez
Pop Art Artist Ali Görmez
"My Duty in this world is to make
the world a little better.
Enjoy finding yourself in it. 

Ali Görmez

Ali Görmez is the new gem of the pop art scene. His paintings, collages and multimedia art pieces made with oil and acrylic can be admired internationally.

The Berlin based pop art artist Ali Görmez was born in 1980 in Bielefeld in north Rhein Westphalia. His interest for arts, colours and shapes began at a very young age of him drawing cartoons. 

Inspired by the work of Keith Haring, James Rizzi and Picasso, his works are now internationally known as pop art

More of the artist work

pop art character Eddy & Ali Görmez
pop art character Eddy & Ali Görmez

“The Eddies”

One of the best-known elements of Ali Görmez`s work are the fictional characters The Eddies. They are peace ambassadors from another planet. 

Die Eddieshave a very large nose and two legs as limbs. They represent the challenge of overcoming obstacles and having to concentrate on one thing at a time in order to achieve a desired goal. 

Since 2019 The Eddiescan be seen repeatedly in various public places as life-size sculptures in Berlin.  

pop art character Focky, the duck
pop art character Focky, the duck

“Focky, the Duck”

Concentration means strength, focus and mindfulness. 

Not everyone is immediately lucky enough to have these qualities. Too often there are different forms of distractions. 

But not for „Focky the Duck“! 

The famous character of Ali Görmez has only one eye and focuses solely on the essential and important things in life. 

"70 Faces" - Pop Art Ali Görmez
"70 Faces" - Pop Art Ali Görmez


Whether in everyday life, when shopping, walking around the block, at events or on vacation, Ali Görmez uses inspiration from daily encounters on paper and canvas in his unique pop art style.

While each individual picture surpasses the previous in its expressiveness, faces in series shows a previously unimagined diversity of human character.