Charity Project - Presby B Primary School Asuom / Ghana

A future for children with bright colors

How beautiful is it as person, to meet countless other people every day, with different experiences and pastes than yourself. However, it is even more beautiful if new ideas and ways can develop from these encounters.

One day, the young Ali Görmez met an employee (originally from Norway) of his parents’ family business. He told him about his many trips to Kenya, his work with various aid organizations,
From different donations and its repeating meetings with the chief of the tribe in a village near Nairobi.

“Wow! I want to do this one day. ”Back then, the young artist said. Just a few years later, Ali Görmez became more and more than an imaging artist and trained art therapist at regular intervals invited to art projects for children and adults in schools and in adult education.

So also for an event of the Berlin art workshops, on the subject of “Music worlds on the ear of the world” by the organizer Natalie Schock of the children’s festival at the UFA factory in Berlin. During the three -day event, the artist, together with participating children, designed huge, colorful works of art, which should be auctioned after the event.

He asked the organizer whether she already knew a needy address that could be made to the proceeds. She said “just talk to Kofi.” During the event at the time, Ali Görmez met the artist Kofi, who made musical instruments with children made of recycled material at the stand of his counterpart. Kofi reported to the artist of Presby B Primary School in Asuom, in Ghana, which had been severely damaged by a storm and has not been able to do lessons for children since then.

This conversation touched the artist so much, that for him another idea for an artistic project crystallized.
So Ali Görmez remembered the initial 2000’s when he met the employee from Norway and with a smile, he now took his reins in his hand.

With the help of an auction campaign of his pop art pictures in the Berlin synchronized studio and other larger fundraisers,
the artist ultimately succeeded in providing financial support for the reconstruction of the Akra School in Ghana in 2019-2020.

The children were so happy about the opening and continuation of the lessons that they christened a classroom in the name of the artist. Ali Görmez still continues to support the school with regular auctions of his works of art.