Project - Living Levels Berlin

Ali Görmez bei der Gestaltung von Living Levels, Design von 42 m2, Bild © Julian Kuhnke, Itisnovember
Ali Görmez designing Living Levels, design of 42 m2, picture © Julian Kuhnke, Itisnovember

The unique building LIVING LEVELS polarizes its dominant architecture of transparency in Berlin. It is located at Mühlenstraße 60, close to the former border strip. With its 14 floors and only 60 artments, it is considered as the most exclusive skyscraper in the city.

There couldn`t be a more fitting place for the incredible artworks of Ali Görmez. It didn`t take a long time for the Berlin Living Bauhaus Foundation to gets the answer of the regard, whether he would like to give the courageous building a touch of its own eccentricity.

For the artist it was not only a great challenge, but also a playful joy to be able to give an area of 42 m2 his creative thoughts, created with his favorite colors, for their statements.

Ali Görmez – Final image of the design of the Living Levels building in Berlin, design of 42 m2, pictures & video © Julian Kuhnke, Itsnovember