Pop-Art Workshops for Kids 

Ali Görmez - Pop Art Mal-Workshop für Kinder
Ali Görmez - Pop Art Mal-Workshop für Kinder

Modern Pop-Art and Design

Painting & creating is not just for artists or adults. Especially for children and young people, the creative world of colours and shapes offers many possibilities for personal development.

In recent years, the so-called “drawer thinking” has crept into our society. People, things or habits are attributed to a preconceived category without any clues or knowledge. People who are often unaware of this are excluded from groups, communities or activities.

Irritated beings who don’t know how to deal with the exclusion are left behind, a lasting cycle begins for them. They begin to distance themselves from their personality, try to bend and please everyone in the hope of finding the right connection.

Pop-Art Workshops with the slogan "Together we are strong!"

For children and adolescents, such experiences can be very harmful and have great lasting effects on their entire remaining lives. To prevent this kind of situations, the painter & artist Ali Görmez has created the pop art workshop for children & young people with the slogan “Together we are strong! ”

For this offer, he invites all participants to meet each other with curiosity and interest in order to find common ground.

Ali Görmez Pop Art Mal-Workshop Kinder
Ali Görmez Pop Art Mal-Workshop Kinder

More about the Pop Art Workshops for Kids

Contents of the Pop Art Workshops

The Pop Art Workshop is about the “togetherness”. Under the guidance of artist Ali Görmez, all participants of the workshop create and design a huge pop art work in an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and can develop their personal potential. All participants get the opportunity to creatively realize themselves and actively participate in shaping a common living space.

Results of the Pop Art Workshops

After the completion of the collective pop art work, the work can be displayed in the classroom, school or institution to reflect a repeated memory of the collective work, or it can be auctioned off to donate the proceeds to other needy children.

Time & Duration

2 project days (min. 3h/day)



grade 3 – 16 years (age from 9 years, younger classes, by arrangement possible)

  1. Minimum 5 participants

     2. Maximum 20 participants



For participation in the workshop, the artist recommends dirty clothes and shoes.


Place & Room

The artist visits local schools and institutions throughout Europe.

The workshop can be held outdoors or in rooms/interiors with tables and chairs for a maximum capacity of 25 people.



All material is provided by the artist.

This includes canvases (4 x 100 x 100 cm), canvas wedge frames, acrylic paints, brushes, background.

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